Sometimes I get all gung-hoe about writing on this blog, and then I just don’t.  Ha ha.

not working

You know what I really love to do?  Write out and figure out my finances.  I get paid every two weeks and I have a Google Sheet on my Drive where I just write down the total to all my bills and figure out how on earth to pay them!  Being an adult is…  so lame sauce.  My gosh, and you know what has ruined EVERYTHING?!  That stupid credit card I got last December so all my money goes to paying off the stupid thing!  Stupid.

Okay, so wait, do I love paying bills or hate it?  I love being organized and knowing where my money goes but I really hate paying bills.  I don’t mine the phone bill or the rent bill, but golly, that stupid credit card…

paying bills

ANYWAY!  I do just want to take this time to let you know that paying my tithing is THE greatest thing I can do.  Because at the end of every two weeks, I always have just enough money.  Holy cow, you would not believe it, it’s a miracle every time.  I get paid on Thursdays and the first thing I do every pay day is go online and pay that tithing to the Church.  That’s my most favorite thing to do, I really look forward to it every two weeks.

Okay, adulting rant/praise over.




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