hobby and hobbies

I really need a new hobby, you guys.  I really, really like to read but I’m suddenly feeling a need for something new.  I really like to travel, but I’m broke.  BROKE.  What if I turn working out into a hobby?  Hahahaha, just kidding, like I would do that.

Last fall I painted a desk.  It was all very exciting.  I had a nice big garage at my place in Logan so of course I decided to paint something!  I got a desk at the DI for $8 and I paint was fun to pick out!  See, look!



After:  (Bad photo of after, without the cute knobs on the drawers.  Or the drawers.)

bad photo of after

But here’s the thing:  I DO NOT NEED ANYMORE FURNITURE.  Ugh.

My mother has recently taken up sewing, but I can’t do that because that’s my mom’s sewing machine and I cannot infringe on that space.  (Did you catch the pun?  Did ya, did ya??)

Anywho, I’ll be over here, thinking of new hobbies I can pick up.  Or begin again.  Where’s my uke?  Or my journal?  Or hello, my blog?  Or organizing?  Or shopping?  Or working?

Okay, I’m done.  Word vomit over.


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