Sometimes I get all gung-hoe about writing on this blog, and then I just¬†don’t. ¬†Ha ha. You know what I really love to do? ¬†Write out and figure out my finances. ¬†I get paid every two weeks and I have a Google Sheet on my Drive where I just write down the total to all […]

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Oh my goodness holy cow. ¬†This book consumed me and I really thought it was my life playing out in the words. ¬†It is so beautifully written and I found myself putting it down more than I really wanted to just so it would last longer. ¬†I just… wow. ¬†Ha ha. And I don’t really […]

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Here is a before, during, and after of my haircut! Well, it was mostly just a color. We kept the length and only cleaned up the hair on my neck. There is a bunch of blonde throughout it all and I just love it. I feel… pretty. The last few months I’ve struggled with acne […]

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I took Spanish in middle school, and really, the only Spanish that stayed in my head were words like, “quesadilla” or “taco.” ¬†A real crowd pleaser is always “me gusta comer” (I like to eat!) for sure. Incidentally, when I lived in Ukraine and natives would speak to me in Russian and Ukrainian, I often […]

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just start

I’m just a big chicken liver baby. ¬†This blog terrifies me. ¬†Feelings terrify me. ¬†I haven’t written a blog post in quite awhile and I’m thinking I probably should. ¬†But like, I’m scared. ¬†Truth is, only Sara Po’oi reads this blog (I love you!) but like, what if a stranger reads it and knows I […]

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hobby and hobbies

I really need a new hobby, you guys. ¬†I really, really like to read but I’m suddenly feeling a need for something new. ¬†I really like to travel, but I’m broke. ¬†BROKE. ¬†What if I turn working out into a hobby? ¬†Hahahaha, just kidding, like I would do that. Last fall¬†I painted a desk. ¬†It […]

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The good ole FB, where I spend waste way too much time looking up friends and stalking old flames. I’ve actually been pretty good at NOT doing the latter lately, so I deserve a big old pat on the back for that! Seriously, what good does it do me to see that an old flame […]

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